Revitalizes dehydrated & dull skin for a brightened complexion and activates fat metabolism.

NeuBeauty Infusion

Achieving beautiful skin and hair has never been easier and uncomplicated. With Neu-Beauty you can revitalize your body cells, overcome certain skin disorders, and promote cell regeneration.

Come see us and sit back in your zero-gravity massage chair and prepare to enjoy the Vitamin C glow.


  • High-Dose Glutathione
  • High-Dose Vitamin C
  • Lysine
  • Saline Hydrating Electrolytes


Improves your liver health and promotes liver functions such as metabolism, energy storage, and waste detoxification.

Recommended Enhancer(s)

  • Toradol, if experiencing any type of pain.

Recommended Frequency

Monthly infusions are recommended for most people however, high-performance individuals can opt for bi-weekly.

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Plans designed to make getting the vitamins and hydration you need more affordable.


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A powerful blend of Zinc, Vitamin B Complex & Arginine to significantly boost your Libido and passion.
Hyper C IV Infusion


Our Hyper-C Infusion provides a massive boost of Vitamin C for those who are deficient or immune suppressed.
Neu Mother IV Infusion Therapyjpg


Eases morning sickness, reduces uterine irritability, and helps supplement baby's growth & development.
Neu Athlete IV Infusion Drip


Enhances athletic performance and accelerates recovery, replenishes protein building blocks.
Neu Woman IV Infusion


Aids in reducing PMS symptoms, menstrual cramps, headaches, nausea, tension and fatigue.
Neu Start IV Infusion


Alleviates migraines, hangovers, tension and most aches & pains.
Neu Beauty IV Infusion


Revitalizes dehydrated & dull skin for a brightened complexion and activates fat metabolism.
Neu Energy IV Infusion


Helps relieve jet-lag, mental fog and fatigue, and promotes improved mood, focus and endurance.
Neu Immunity IV Infusion


Helps boost your immune system and speed up your body's healing process for fighting infections.