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IV Membership Plans

IV therapy memberships designed to make getting the vitamins and hydration you need easier, faster and more affordable.

IV Infusion Memberships

Our infusion memberships make feeling better, easy and affordable.


Get membership pricing for all infusions and more.

(1) Monthly Neu-Shot
In-Body Analysis
Member Pricing

Neu-Life Elite

Includes (1) IV infusion per month, member pricing and more.

Everything in Neu-Life
Monthly IV Infusion
Birthday Infusion

Included with IV Memberships

Both of our IV infusion membership plans include a monthly In-Body scan, one Neu-Shot of your choice every month, and access to member pricing to all Neu-Infusions, Neu-Enhancers, Neu-Shots.

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IV Member Pricing

IV memberships include member pricing on Neu-Infusions, Neu-Enhancers & Neu-Shots.

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In-Body Analysis

Get a monthly body composition and metabolic analysis to help track your progress.

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One Neu-Shot of your choice is included with each membership for a quick pick me up.

Each infusion is a unique blend of ingredients mixed on the spot

We designed eight specially formulated vitamin infusion blends for all kinds of issues.

A unique blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids with hydration for maximum absorption in an intravenous (IV) drip.

What members are saying

Within 4 hours of the Neu-Immunity plus Vitamin D and B-12, my wife and I felt amazing. We honestly did not expect that dramatic of a difference, but these infusions actually changed us both 100% within hours.

Steve K.

I went in after a long weekend and chose the Neu-Start Infusion IV that got me feeling 100%, fast! Now, when I'm starting to feel under the weather, I go and get an infusion it always does the trick. I'm hooked!

Fabio P.

Commonly asked questions

What is member pricing?

Member pricing applies to all of our IV therapy and urgent care services that offer a non-member and member pricing that helps us drive costs down.

Is there a long-term contract?

No, all of our plans are month-to-month with no long-term contracts. We do offer the option to pay the monthly membership cost for a full year in advance for a 20% savings.

Do IV infusions roll over?

If you're on the NeuLife plan that includes (1) premium IV every month, your drip and shot credits will accumulate in your account.

How does billing work?

The date you sign up is the day that your account is charged every month and you receive your credits. All services rollover until cancellation, then clients have 30 days to use remaining credits. There is no time contract, clients are set up on an automated month-to-month basis and a two-week cancellation is required.

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Become a member to book your first drip in your private suite.

NeuMed Private IV Therapy Infusion Suites

"Just received my first IV drip infusion and the experience was fantastic! The private suite and massage chair was just icing on the cake!"

- Heights Member

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