Physicals & Check Ups

We provide quick and easy physicals and general wellness check ups.

If you’re looking for a reliable medical clinic that provides physicals, look no further than NeuMed Modern Urgent Care. We are conveniently located and offer a range of physical exams, depending on your needs.

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What are physicals?

A physical, or physical exam, lasts for anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the reason and procedures involved. We appreciate your time and take pride in delivering the results as quickly as possible.

Physicals involve recording your medical history, assessing your body systems, and checking your vital signs. Depending on the requirement, our experienced providers may ask you questions about the job environment and nature of work. You will also need to provide information regarding

With years of experience behind us, you can rely on us to provide the right physicals for your needs.

Steps involved in a standard physical

Before we can begin with physicals in Houston, TX, the patient will need to fill out their personal, occupational, and medication history. Our providers may focus on areas of concern that need further details or testing.

In general, a standard physical exam consists of the following steps:

Vital signs

We will check the breathing rate, blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, weight, and height.

Head, nose, eyes, ears, and throat exam

Our providers in Houston, TX, will check, palpate, and test as required.

Gastrointestinal exam

The assessment may consist of percussion or palpation that involves lightly tapping the abdomen for rigidity, tightness.

Cardiovascular exam

We will examine the retinal arteries (in the eyes), check the heartbeat, and take an ECG (Electrocardiogram) if needed.

Musculoskeletal assessment

This involves moving or applying gentle pressure on muscles and bones to observe responses.

Nervous assessment

We test motor functions, reflexes, balance, and sensory responses.

Physicals that we provide:
  • Sports physicals
  • Pre and post-employment physicals
  • Back-to-school physicals
  • Pre-college physicals
  • Adult and children wellness and general physicals

You can rely on us to provide any related documentation.

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