Who We Are

We're Houston's first modern urgent care + IV therapy clinic and we're on a mission to create a healthier community.

Our Mission

To create a healthier community by providing prompt medical treatment and intravenous therapy in a fresh and mindful environment.

We care about attending to your medical care needs now -- whether it is to attend to your everyday care needs until you can see your established physician or to promptly treat an emergency you were not prepared for.

We're here for you everyday with extended hours, no appointment required.

We care about keeping healthy humans healthy and standing by when medical needs arise.

Dr. Akash Bhagat

Our Inspiration

Sustainability and embracing technology, healthy lifestyles and innovative thinking were all influential components which went into the design and branding of NeuMed.

We wanted to create a fresh canvas for a health care service delivery model which incorporated the most important elements of the companies leading the country towards a better future.

By paying close attention to various soundbites of feedback and criticism, we were able to remove numerous elements of friction and discomfort from the acute care industry.

The complaints we heard:

Stuffy waiting rooms, rude staff, unhappy employees, excessive paperwork, painful registration process, stinky stale odor, claustrophobic design, elevator music, depressed atmosphere, lack of genuine engagement, bare minimum attitude, and inconsistent service.

Remove common pain points

We created NeuMed to refresh the Urgent Care Space by embracing modern technology and medical software to streamline our processes and remove common friction points.

By incorporating mobile friendly, paperless registration and discharge, we are able to not only improve communication and decrease errors but also make it an easy experience for all involved.

Additionally, we removed the use of single use plastics and have incorporated repurposing and recycling to minimize our footprint and do our part. We also gave thought to make the facility design to be more pleasant to all senses.

We play upbeat yet calming music for our patients to “hear” the forward motion of their care. We also tested dozens of scents to give this calming and uplifting olfactory scent-sation. Visually, the organic look and open concept provides a more soothing environment as opposed to the low ceilings and drab colors we typically see.

Finally, the culture we instill is one of friendliness, empathy and healthfulness. Our employees are not only accomplished from a professional angle, they are also extremely friendly and relatable.

Our Core Values

Sustainable Design

This earth is the only one we have which is why we take great care in making sure that everything we do is the most eco-friendly and sustainable option.

A portion of our monthly profits goes towards planting trees in our community through our partnership with Livelihood.

Leverage Technology

We know that to provide a better healthcare experience, you must embrace modern and innovative technology.

Health is the Neu-Wealth

We take a holistic approach to helping you a design a truly healthy lifestyle.

Think Outside the Box

Modern problems require modern solutions. We're problem solvers at heart and our mission of transforming community healthcare is a big problem that we're ready to tackle.

Minutes Matter

We know that everyone has a life and the faster we can help you get back to that life, the happier you'll be.

WOW Experience

We go the extra mile to ensure the best possible experience for each and every one of our patients and IV therapy customers.

NeuMed IV Therapy Client is Happy

We make you want to go to the doctor's office

NeuMed’s patient experience is powered by leveraging technology. Consistent, quality care is ensured through up-to-date digital health records and with proactive digital health reminders.

The NeuMed Difference


High-quality medical treatment with fully upgraded and advanced technology.


IV vitamin & hydration therapy for feeling better, faster or for continued wellness and stress reduction.


Professional lifestyle advice and recommendations that are customized to fit your health needs.


  • Transparent pricing
  • Appointments start on time
  • Open everyday 8am-8pm
  • On-site lab services
  • Non-rushed appointments
  • Same or next-day appointments


  • Transparent pricing
  • Appointments start on time
  • Open everyday 8am-8pm
  • On-site lab services
  • Non-rushed appointments
  • Same or next-day appointments

Typical Clinics

  • Transparent pricing
  • Appointments start on timeUnlikely
  • Open everyday 8am-8pm
  • On-site lab servicesUnlikely
  • Non-rushed appointments
  • Same or next-day appointmentsUnlikely

Stay happy and healthy with NeuMed and book your visit today.