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Flu Tests & Treatment

Get tested for flu or Strep throat fast and get results in minutes.

If you suspect you have the flu or strep throat, our medical practice at NeuMed Modern Urgent Care is here to help. Our trained providers near you provides flu/strep throat testing and results in less than 30 minutes.

What Is the Flu?

The flu is one of the most infectious conditions caused by a group of viruses. Although most patients recover from the flu, it can be life-threatening for those with a weakened immune system. The flu is a respiratory illness, and symptoms include fever, lethargy, chills, fatigue, sore throat, headache, and body ache.

The flu is more common during winter and early spring, and it’s best to get a preventive flu shot from our experienced team in Houston, TX, to prevent illness.

What Is a Strep Throat?

A painful sore throat or inflammation of the tonsils caused by bacteria is known as a ‘strep throat.’ Strep throats can be mild to severe and include fever, swollen tonsils, lymph nodes, sore throat, and fatigue. Strep throats can be extremely contagious, and the patient may take more than ten days to recover fully.

If you’re feeling feverish or have a sore throat, please visit our clinic for fast and reliable flu/strep testing near you.

Flu/Strep Testing at NeuMed Modern Urgent Care

There are several upper respiratory infections, and it’s essential to get flu/strep throat testing. Once you get the results, you can schedule a follow-up appointment with one of our providers.

Strep throat testing is a non-invasive procedure that involves swabbing the throat and testing for the presence of infection-causing bacteria. For more complex cases of strep throat, we may recommend a throat culture.

For the flu test, our provider will use a cotton swab to collect a sample from the nasal cavity or the back of your throat and send it to the lab for testing. The results are available in just 15 to 30 minutes.

We will determine the most effective medication or treatment based on the results. For example, antibiotics won’t work for viral flu. Our experienced providers will help you with medication, treatment, and aftercare.

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