Kids & Family Care

From sick visits to school physicals, our caring staff is here to get your kids feeling better and back in the game.

Sick visits

Well-child visits are highly important for children. These visits give physicians the opportunity to check that everything is fine with your child.

But what if your child’s primary pediatrician is not available or can’t work with your schedule? At NeuMed Urgent Care, we offer physical exams, screenings, and immunizations for every child that comes in for a well-child visit. Best of all, you don’t need to make an appointment.

Don’t postpone your child’s well-child visit. Routine checks can help prevent many health problems, especially when they are caught in the early stages.

Kids not feeling well?

Worried that your child isn’t feeling well? Most pediatric cases don’t need emergency assistance, but NeuMed Modern Urgent Care can provide urgent care for kids.

Many parents feel confused if they should wait to see the pediatrician in the morning or take their child to the ER. Our pediatric urgent care center offers reliable medical care for your child without waiting to book a regular appointment.

When to Take Your Child

Choosing to visit an urgent care center or ER depends on the nature of the sickness or injury. You should consider contacting our urgent care near you if you observe the following:

  • Fever accompanied by symptoms of pneumonia
  • Your child is pulling at his ears and appears to be fretful
  • A sore throat accompanied or not accompanied by tonsils
  • Mild wheezing (but not severe breathing trouble)
  • Muscular sprains or minor fractures where the bone is not sticking out of the skin
  • Red or inflamed eyes
  • Minor burns, allergies, and skin rash

Our experienced providers offer reliable pediatric urgent care in Houston, TX, and treat a wide variety of children’s illnesses and injuries. Please feel free to contact NeuMed Modern Urgent Care with your queries or concerns.

Contact Pediatric Urgent Care Near You

Pediatric urgent care can bridge the gap until you’re able to follow-up with your child’s regular pediatrician. In general, taking your child to a pediatric urgent care center can prevent unnecessary visits to the emergency room, reduce costs, and save time.

However, if the problem appears to be life-threatening, it’s better to visit the ER.

Our highly skilled providers understand the mechanisms of children’s illnesses and injuries and offer expert assistance. For example, children’s bones are still at a growing stage and require different care than adult’s bones.

Similarly, our trained providers in Houston, TX, understand pediatric dosage, administration of antibiotics, and medication choice. We also provide splints, bandages, boots, and other equipment in all children’s sizes.

If your child is sick, injured, or unwell, please contact NeuMed Modern Urgent Care for effective pediatric urgent care services.

Ear aches

At NeuMed Urgent Care, our board-certified physicians are experienced in treating ear infections in children. Your child may have an infection if they are constantly tugging or pulling on their ears, fussy, have trouble sleeping, or have a fever.

We can help diagnose and treat your child's ear infection to get them feeling better, fast.

Routine vaccinations

Routine vaccinations can save your child’s life. Vaccines help kids build immunity against dangerous, deadly diseases. They contain germs that have been killed or weakened. Once inside the body, the immune system responds by creating T-cells that will remember these germs and fight them if your child ever gets exposed again.

We offer the following immunizations:

TD - a combination vaccine that protects against two types of life-threatening bacteria - Tetanus and Diphtheria.

DTaP – a combination vaccine that protects against three types of life-threatening bacteria – Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (whooping cough).

Influenza vaccine – everyone 6 months of age and older should get the flu vaccine every season, except kids with certain health conditions.

TB Skin Test - also called the Mantoux Tuberculin skin test (TST), screens you for Tuberculosis.

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