Imaging & Lab Services

We offer quick and reliable imaging and lab testing services for a variety of issues.

Sickness, accidents, and injuries can occur out of the blue, and we may need a reliable urgent care clinic that offers quality-based diagnostics and treatment. Advanced imaging and lab services help diagnose and monitor a wide range of conditions and illnesses.

Imaging and Lab Services

Our trained radiologist near you uses the most specialized equipment for imaging and testing to provide timely results. Onsite imaging and lab services help reduce stress and save time.

Our team of experienced radiology technicians and providers analyze lab and imaging tests quickly and provide patients with accurate results. Reliable imaging and lab services, like those offered by NeuMed Modern Urgent Care, are crucial for receiving effective urgent medical treatment.

Types of Imaging and Lab Services

We offer an impressive range of imaging and lab services.

X- Rays – X-rays use electromagnetic radiation to take clear pictures of the organs and other inner body structures. Our quick and accurate x-ray technology helps detect fractures, breast cancer lesions and tumors, pneumonia, and urinary tract infections.

We use low-radiation x-rays to create targeted treatment plans.

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