Announcing New IV Happy Hour Quick Drips

Announcing our new Quick Drip IV Therapy Happy Hour Monday-Thursday. Save money and time with our Quick Drip IVs + a FREE Neu-Enhancer.
Quick Drip IVs and IV Happy Hour 1
IV Happy Hour

IV Happy Hour

Enjoy a Quick Drip IV (500cc) during our new Happy Hour from 12-2pm Monday – Thursday and get one FREE Neu-Enhancer of your choice for only $79.

Quick Drips

For when you’re in time crunch and need the benefits of IV therapy. The standard IV fluid bag size is 1000cc and for most people, it takes from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours for an infusion to complete.

With a Quick Drip, you can cut that time in half and still get all of the benefits of IV therapy for hydration. And if you schedule your Quick Drip during our Happy Hour, you’ll not only get Happy Hour pricing but you’ll also get a Neu-Enhancer of your choice FREE (a $29 value).


Neu-Enhancers are optional additional ingredients and vitamins that allow you to customize your IV infusion and further enhance the benefits of your IV infusion.

GlycineBeauty & Mood Booster
MagnesiumLibido, Mood & Performance
TaurineEnergy & Performance
ToradolAnti-Inflammatory Pain Reducer
Tri-AminoFat Burner & Performance
Vitamin B12Energy, Focus & Immunity
Vitamin B ComplexEnergy
Vitamin CAntioxidant

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