The Top 6 COVID-19 Myths & Misconceptions

Let’s alleviate some concerns you may have about the COVID-19 vaccine by debunking several common myths and misconceptions.

Myth #1

Because it was rushed, the vaccine isn’t safe.


No steps were skipped in testing or development of the vaccine.

Myth #2

You will contract COVID-19 if you get the vaccine.


There is no live SARS-COV-2 virus in any of the vaccines.

Myth #3

3. RNA vaccines will alter your DNA.


mRNA doesn’t interact with your DNA at all.

Myth #4

The mRNA vaccine technology is new and untested.


RNA vaccines have been developed for over three decades.

Myth #5

Vaccines affect fertility and pregnancy.


There is no biological plausibility of an effect on fertility.

Myth #6

Vaccines contain harmful substances.


All ingredients are tested for safety and made visible to the public.


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