Get Your Body Ready for Summer With IV Therapy

Get your body ready for summer with IV Therapy
Get Your Body Ready for Summer With IV Therapy 2

Summer is here with us, so there will be plenty of sunshine and the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. You cannot run out of outdoor activities that you can enjoy. You can take a relaxing walk, enjoy some yard work, or even go swimming! In other words, whatever you desired to do and kept on postponing because of the weather, now it’s time to enjoy some time outside.

But when you are having the time of your life outdoors, remember the hot temperatures since you don’t want to land in our urgent care in Houston because of dehydration. Even though you aren’t exercising or doing anything strenuous, you must stay hydrated on a hot summer day because your body needs more fluids.

We recommend you get ready for the summer with IV therapy. IV therapy has tons of benefits that you can take advantage of during the summer. But before we check that out, let’s see why hydrating is vital during the summer.

Why It Is Important to Stay Hydrated in Summer

You will sweat much faster when you are smack in the middle of the hot and humid summer days. Therefore, hydration is vital to optimal health, lest you lose the essential minerals and water through sweat. 

You should choose to hydrate because of several reasons, including:

Cardiovascular Health

Dehydration causes a decrease in the levels of fluids in your body. In turn, blood volume will decrease, thus giving your heart the extra work of circulating blood and oxygen throughout your body. When this occurs, daily tasks will seem more difficult, and that’s why being dehydrated contributes to fatigue and the general sluggishness you experience during summer.

Improves Digestion

Whatever you ingest needs fluids to aid in movement through the gut. When your fluid level significantly drops, it leads to constipation, potentially causing additional digestion problems.

Water aids in removing waste through defecation and urination. Therefore, drink water about half an hour before or after eating for optimal digestion. Also, remember that taking cold water right after eating causes gas, bloating, and flatulence.

Muscle Efficiency

It may be challenging to carry out your duties during the summer when you are dehydrated. Dehydration will lead to muscle fatigue because water aids the transportation of oxygen to the working muscles. Water also aids in removing metabolic waste.

Prevents Dry Mouth   

Adequate hydration keeps your lips, throat, and mouth moist, especially when sleeping. Eating will become much harder when your mouth is dry, and digestion will not occur as it should since saliva contains enzymes that digest food. If you have chronic dry mouth, then it might lead to bad breath and cavities.

Regulates Body Temperature

Your body is designed to regulate temperature via sweating, cold water consumption, and exhaling. When you are dehydrated, your body might begin to overheat, which means that some systems might fail. Staying hydrated is the best way to avoid exposing your body to harsh temperatures.

Mental Clarity

Adequate hydration will lead to mental focus; there is better blood and oxygen flow to the brain. Studies show that a two percent decline in bodily fluids leads to decreased concentration and might cause short-term memory issues.

How IV Therapy Can Prepare You for the Summer

IV therapy near you infuses fluids, nutrients, and electrolytes into your bloodstream. Your body will rehydrate efficiently and quickly. Some of the ways IV therapy can help you prepare for the summer are:

  • Improved Overall Health

Since IV therapy involves infusing electrolytes, fluids, and nutrients into your bloodstream, your organ and cell function will improve. Plus, it can boost your immune system since the fluids and enriched with vitamins that your body needs to help protect and fight diseases.

  • Detoxifying the Body

IV therapy is another way of detoxing the body besides fasting and juice cleanses. For starters, IV therapy delivers nutrients much faster and more effectively since it bypasses the digestive system and goes directly to the cells.

  • Reducing Inflammation

You can get an infusion of vitamins, nutrients, and even anti-inflammatory medication to help reduce inflammation.

  • Aids in Digestion

IV therapy will help digestion since it helps replenish fluids and nutrients that will help improve your digestive system, eliminating issues such as constipation.

  • Improves Cognitive Function

When dehydrated, you can experience several cognitive issues, such as headaches, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. IV therapy will help hydrate the body, improving your cognitive function.

We Are Here for You

IV therapy has far more benefits than what’s listed above. It is also a very safe and effective method of hydrating and increasing adding nutrients to the body. If you wish to undergo IV therapy, contact us at Neumed Modern Urgent Care.


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