Everything you need to know about when to visit an urgent care clinic

Do you have any experience with urgent care centers? The lack of information can make you question how these centers work. Unfortunately, your lack of knowledge can also shape your opinion to result in misconceptions about the quality of care they provide.

Urgent care centers fit your need if you need care for a minor medical emergency or require other medical services like lab work and vaccinations. Urgent care centers are convenient and readily accessible. Here is some information about urgent care centers you must know before heading to one.

Online Research Will Help

Most urgent care centers like NeuMed urgent care offer walk-in facilities indicating you don’t need appointments to see a health care provider. As you don’t have an appointment, your waiting times vary depending on the number of people ahead of you. You may get to see a health care provider within 20 minutes or have to wait an hour or longer.

Some facilities like NeuMed urgent Care do allow appointments. Therefore it doesn’t hurt to call the facility to see if you can reserve a slot to shorten your wait time. NeuMed also has an option of online check-in on the Center’s website. Merely logging in and providing initial information helps the staff at the facility prepare for your arrival, helping you see a health care provider faster.

Locate the Right Center for Your Needs

When searching for urgent care centers, you don’t have to wait until you are sick. It helps if you search for an urgent care center like NeuMed accepting all insurance plans to reduce your out-of-pocket responsibility. Furthermore, select a facility specializing in the care you need. If the facility communicates with your doctor’s office, you are at a distinct advantage.

For example, NeuMed specializing in pediatric care, communicates with your child’s pediatrician making them an excellent choice if your child needs urgent care at any time. The facility also specializes in treating issues related to women’s health.

Be aware of the location of NeuMed’s facility as an urgent care center. You can familiarize yourself with the types of services this facility provides besides its operating hours.

Understand What to Carry with You When Visiting Urgent Care Facilities

Urgent care centers are not your doctor’s offices and don’t maintain extensive patient records with them. However, you can expedite treatment and get the best care possible if you carry your necessary medical information with you to the facility. The information you must maintain includes:

  • Your most recent health insurance.
  • A list of any prescription medication you are taking.
  • Any medical diagnosis.

If you are taking your child along for an appointment, ensure you have the child’s pediatrician’s name and office information.

Do not forget to carry a photo ID because the facility doesn’t have a relationship with you, and your photo ID helps verify your identity. Also, at the time of the appointment, prepare yourself for any payments and co-pays.

Realize You May Not See a Medical Professional

Before heading to an urgent care facility, realize the professional treating you may not be a doctor. Many urgent care centers like NeuMed have doctors on staff and staff of physician assistants and nurse practitioners for diagnosing and prescribing treatment for various health conditions. Regardless of the treatment, you receive the health care provider treating you will recommend you follow up with your regular doctor.

Understand the Difference between Urgent Care and Life-Threatening emergency

Urgent care centers are limited to the type of services they provide. You can rely on facilities like NeuMed for treatments of pediatrics and adults, common illness complaints, minor injury treatment, lab services, and physicals. NeuMed also provides care for lacerations and fractures.

If you have a significant emergency, you must head to an emergency room without exceptions. Some situations requiring attention from hospitals include chest pain, challenges breathing, unconsciousness, severe dizziness, vomiting, and bleeding that doesn’t subside.

Visiting an urgent care facility in the situations described above is potentially dangerous because the staff at the facility may not have the right equipment to treat your problem. They may redirect you to an emergency room for attention.

Urgent care centers are convenient and affordable. However, you must have information about when to choose them for the medical situation you need. Understanding what urgent care facilities can or cannot treat helps you decide where to seek the medical treatment you need.

Your preferred choice must always be your regular doctor. However, suppose you can’t schedule an appointment for a minor and acute problem. In that case, you can contact NeuMed urgent care, confident of receiving high-quality service with advanced technology helping to create a healthier community by providing prompt medical treatment whenever necessary.

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