Different Types of Imaging and Lab Services Explained

A comprehensive guide on the most common imaging and lab services that you'll need.

When you need prompt attention for a medical problem and rush to an emergency room, wouldn’t you expect the facility to have all types of imaging and lab services? Wouldn’t you be disappointed if the emergency room requested you to run around to different facilities for various tests and collect the reports before they provided any services? We think you would be downright mad and wish you had never stepped into the facility.

Instead of visiting an emergency room, you would have been in a better position if you had sought urgent care near me, where the facility has all imaging and lab services under one roof. You could have got yourself tested and screened as you enter the facility to receive the necessary treatment without wasting time or running helter-skelter.

Many emergency rooms are not fully equipped with the expensive instruments needed to perform x-rays, screening procedures, and additional testing services. The emergency rooms lack the finances or the personnel to manage the equipment. However, they work with other centers for imaging and screening to refer you there for the reports you need.

Which Facility Has All Imaging and Lab Services?

The urgent care clinic in Houston is equipped with all imaging and lab services required to diagnose and treat patients soon as they arrive, considering their age, gender, current health status, and risk factors. For example, if you suffer from diabetes and need testing against this condition, you can request diabetes tests from the facility upon arrival and receive your reports for blood sugar testing for diabetes and pre-diabetes.

If you get involved in an accident and suspect you might have broken bones visit the walk-in urgent care in Houston with state-of-the-art equipment for imaging and testing to receive timely referrals. The on-site imaging and lab services help reduce stress making it easier to save time. In addition, the team of experienced radiology technicians, besides providers, analyze lab and imaging tests promptly to provide you with accurate results.

The x-rays captured by Houston urgent care use electromagnetic radiation to get hold of explicit pictures of your organs and inner body structures. The quick and precise x-ray technology helps detect fractures, tumors, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and breast cancer lesions. In addition, when creating targeted treatment plans, the facility utilizes low radiation x-rays.

What Are the Services Are Offered by Urgent Care near You?

Houston urgent care also offers additional testing services such as screening for STDs, confidential and quick screening for HIV and screening for high blood pressure. Your risk factors determine the frequency of your screening depending on various factors. However, when the lab results arrive, they notify you to decide whether you want to schedule a follow-up appointment later.

Why Would You Need Urgent Care?

Why you may need urgent care is challenging because medical emergencies can occur without warning. Whenever any medical emergency strikes, your first thought is to safeguard yourself and rush to the nearest facility available, seeking immediate care.

Urgent care clinics help you when looking for immediate and convenient medical care and function similarly to emergency rooms. Unfortunately, ERs generally deal with significant life-threatening injuries or illnesses, while urgent care clinics manage minor bruises and impacts.

Generally speaking, urgent care centers are walk-in clinics focusing on providing non-emergent healthcare issues, including treating typical injuries and illnesses like fractures, sprains, scrapes, stings and bytes, flu and cold symptoms, nausea, and vomiting, abdominal pain, et cetera. The issues described can affect anyone regardless of age but require immediate care when least expected. If you cannot receive prompt attention from emergency rooms, you find it better to visit the urgent care facility nearby to receive the treatment you need without enduring too much pain or stress.

While seeking urgent care from the facility nearby, you can rely on them to receive convenient and affordable treatments without scheduling appointments and even count on them for non-emergency musculoskeletal complaints. Providing you the care you need is the sole aim of urgent care facilities that make every effort possible to ensure you leave their office with solutions to the problem you are confronted with without undergoing undue stress.

Whether you or your family member needs attention for respiratory infections or superficial lacerations, you can confidently drive down to NeuMed Modern Urgent Care requesting the treatment you need, confident the facility will not make you run around for imaging and lab services elsewhere before providing treatment.


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