Give the gift of vitality this Valentine's day

This Valentine's Day (and the whole month of February), celebrate with your partner with our V-Day Couple's IV infusion package featuring our Neu-Passion infusion.

Specially designed to increase your libido naturally

Our Neu-Passion infusion was specially designed to boost the Libido of men and women. If you've been not feeling like yourself (in the bedroom), this infusion will help.

Photo of loving couple laying down on a bed
NeuMed IV Infusion Therapy Suite

Enjoy your private, couple's infusion suite

You and your partner can relax and enjoy each other's company in privacy with our industry-first private infusion suites, outfitted with zero-gravity massage chairs.

Neu-Passion Infusion

Specially formulated medical grade ingredients to reinvigorate your libido.


Stimulates blood flow to significantly improve sexual function in men and arousal in women.


An essential mineral that naturally boosts testosterone production. (Why women need testosterone)

Vitamin B3

Stimulates cellular energy conversion and improves blood flow for a more energetic arousal experience.


The hydrating foundation that every infusion blends starts with, one liter of medical grade Saline.

Vitamin B6

Enhances sexual arousal and regulates our good mood chemicals, dopamine and serotonin

Vitamin D (Neu-Shot)

Improves sexual health, exercise recovery, and promotes better sleep, mood, and energy.

Ready to boost your Libido?

Treat you and your partner to something extra special this year with our Valentine's Day couple's IV infusion package.