Twindemic Vaccines: When The flu Season and Spiking COVID-19 Cases Collide

Learn about the dangers of the flu season mixed with COVID-19 and how to protect yourself and get treatment when you're not feeling well.
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Twindemic Vaccines: When The flu Season and Spiking COVID-19 Cases Collide

The fall/winter is upon us, and so is the flu season. Although the flu disappeared in the last couple of seasons, it will likely resume this year. Experts warn that we might witness an especially harsh flu season, and there is a good chance that it might coincide with a spike in COVID-19 cases to create a “twindemic.”

As the weather cools down and we move into the festive months, people tend to travel, mingle and gather indoors, increasing the risk of spread of respiratory infections, including the flu and COVID-19. According to public health experts, the COVID-19 flu twindemic was always on the cards, but we got lucky with historically mild last couple of flu seasons.

But why do scientists think it could be the year the twindemic hits? Let’s find out.

The Risk of Twindemic

It is crucial to understand that a twindemic does not mean that there will be two pandemic virus strains; rather, both the influenza virus and the COVID-19 virus might spread simultaneously.

The combination of the flu and COVID-19 virus can lead to two possible issues-

People might get infected with both viruses at once or in quick succession

The similarity between flu symptoms vs. COVID-19 symptoms might mean that diagnosis can be difficult without testing

If any of the above issues arise, we might see an increased need for immediate influenza treatment in Houston, TX. Thankfully, at Neumed Modern Urgent Care, we are prepared to handle any situation. Our urgent care clinic has state-of-the-art emergency care equipment to help treat people in need if the twindemic hits. 

Vaccination Is Vital

Doctors and public health officials have urged people to get an urgent flu vaccine in Richmond, TX, and COVID-19 booster shots to help prevent the spread of both infections and thwart the potential twindemic wave.

A typical flu shot has an efficiency of anywhere between 25% to 60% in any given year. However, it is difficult to predict how well the flu vaccine will perform this year. Flu vaccines do decrease the intensity of the disease.

Fewer severe flu cases can lead to a reduced need for urgent care near you, easing the pressure on the health system.  

What Can You Do?

Preventive measures that helped combat COVID-19 in the laws few waves can also help control the spread of the flu and check the possibility of a twindemic. Here are a few things, apart from vaccinations, you can do this festive season to protect yourself-

Wash hands frequently

Learn about flu causes, complications, and treatments, so you are prepared

Evaluate the symptoms and isolate if you suspect that you are infected with either virus

Learn about urgent care facilities and COVID-19 treatments near you

Neumed Modern Urgent Care is equipped to handle any emergency. Our caring and experienced board-certified doctors will help you deal with the flu and COVID-19-related complications this flu season. Contact us with your questions and concerns. 


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