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Urgent Care Plans for Employers

Help retain your employees with benefits they'll love.

A better way to urgent care

Urgent care membership plans designed to provide you with peace of mind and save you money.



Unlimited urgent care visits and Telemedicine with no co-pay

Unlimited urgent care visits
Unlimited Telemedicine
Add family $79 per

Neu-Care Complete


Everything in Neu-Care plus in-house labs and treatment with no co-pay

Everything in Neu-Care
+ In-house diagnostics
+ Select Send-out labs
+ IV Member pricing

Better than benefits

Give your employees real peace of mind so they can handle whatever life throws at them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance plans do you accept?

NeuMed accepts health plans from most insurance carriers as well as Medicare. Some of the more popular plans that we accept are listed here, but since the list periodically changes, we encourage you to call us if you don’t see your plan.

We believe that quality health care should be accessible to everyone, so if you have a high-deductible health plan or are not insured, we also offer affordable options for working together.

Do you accept Affordable Care Act (ACA/ObamaCare) plans?

We are pleased to participate in a limited number of ACA/Exchange plans that enable us to provide you with the high level of care and service you expect from NeuMed. Our goal is to participate with as many plans as possible, and we expect to continue to expand the list of participating plans over time. See our Insurance page for more information.

Do you accept off-Exchange or mirrored ACA plans?

NeuMed is only in network with specific ACA-related plans sold via the Health Insurance Marketplace, which are listed above.

For individual and family health plans purchased privately (outside of an employer) through an insurance company, broker, or small business group, please be aware that if we’re not in network with their Exchange counterparts, we may not be in network with those plans.


  • Unlimited Visits
  • Unlimited Telemedicine
  • IV Member Pricing
  • Unlimited Treatment
  • Unlimited Labs
  • $20 Co-Pay



  • Unlimited VisitsIncluded
  • Unlimited TelemedicineIncluded
  • IV Member PricingIncluded
  • Unlimited Treatment
  • Unlimited Labs
  • $20 Co-PayIncluded

Neu-Care Elite


  • Unlimited VisitsIncluded
  • Unlimited TelemedicineIncluded
  • IV Member PricingIncluded
  • Unlimited TreatmentIncluded
  • Unlimited LabsIncluded
  • $20 Co-PayIncluded

Commonly asked questions

Is there a long-term contract?

Due to the massive savings offered in our Urgent Care plans, our plans require a one year commitment. This ensures that you can enjoy your peace of mind whenever urgent medical care is needed.

How does billing work?

Our plans work just like most membership plans. On the day you sign up, you’ll be charged the one month cost and will always be billed on the same day of the month for the remainder for your membership.

Is the Neu-Care/Neu-Care Complete health insurance?

This is not health insurance and does not replace health insurance. No insurance will be billed, and your visit will not be counted toward any deductibles. This is a plan that allows you to gain access to all of our services at one low, monthly price.

All Health Savings Account (HSA) plans can be used for the minimal facility fee as well as any urgent care services required.

Will my visit apply to my health insurance deductible?

No. This is not insurance and will not be billed to insurance or apply to any deductibles.

Can my family use this membership plan?

Yes, our urgent care plans are available to individuals and families. You can sign up and add up to 5 family members. A family plan allows for up to 5 visits per year.

When does my membership start?

Your membership starts the day you sign up for a one year period. You can renew every year and enjoy the benefits of the program.

Can I cancel my membership when I want?

Yes, however if you use the membership program for a visit, you are responsible for payment of three months of plan fees. You may continue to use the program for that three-month time period or simply pay the three months and discontinue the service. If you have never used the service, you may cancel any time and will not be billed for any additional monthly membership payments.

Why did you create urgent care membership plans?

We know health insurance is expensive and sometimes does not cover the costs incurred when you become sick and/or injured. This affordable program helps individuals get the urgent care they need at a very fair and affordable price.

Do I get a membership card?

No. You can simply show an ID at the time of your visit and let us know that you are a member. We’ll make sure you get membership rates and benefits.

What employers are saying

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"The peace of mind knowing that I can take my family to get urgent care without the fear of a huge medical bill is priceless."

- Heights Member

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