Announcing IV Happy Hour

Enjoy a Quick Drip IV (500cc) during our new Happy Hour from 12-2pm Monday - Thursday for only $79 and get a FREE Neu-Enhancer of your choice!

NeuMed Brand Style Guide

Elevator pitch

We're turning primary healthcare on it's head by fixing everything you don't like about your traditional doctor's office -- same/next day appointments, visits that start on time and more personalized service.



Made Kenfolg Bold for Headings and Noto Sans JP Regular for body copy:

Heading 1

Font size: 64px (4rem)
Line height: 72px*

Heading 2

Font size: 56px (3.5rem)
Line height: 64px*

Heading 3

Font size: 48px (3rem)
Line height: 56px*

Heading 4

Font size: 40px (2.5rem)
Line height: 44px*

Heading 5

Font size: 32px (2rem)
Line height: 36px*

Heading 6

Font size: 20px (1.5rem)
Line height: 24px*

Body LG

Font size: 18px (1.125rem)
Line height: 36px*

Body MD

Font size: 16px (1rem)
Line height: 24px*

Body SM

Font size: 14px (.875rem)
Line height: 22px*

Body XS

Font size: 12px (.75rem)
Line height: 18px*