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The benefits of Lysine

From a high-level, Lysine is extremely beneficial and has numerous proven health benefits. The science is solid. The more Lysine your body has, the better everything works and the better you feel.

In fact, it’s highly recommended for athletes and even just highly active people to help assist their bodies in helping repair tissue, muscle growth and muscle strength. It is also an essential amino acid necessary to produce carnitine, another essential amino acid which your cells depend on for energy production.

Builds strong bones

Additionally, Lysine is a helper in the prevention of osteoporosis by improving absorption of calcium to keep your bones healthy. Those who lack exercise that involves weight bearing or other forms of weightlifting and tobacco use further increases the risk.

Reduces anxiety

Anxiety is no fun, but Lysine can help you there too — it increases the productivity of the happy hormone Serotonin.

Improves skin Health

If we ever find the fountain of youth, Lysine would definitely be an essential component. Lysine is imperative for the healthy production of collagen & elastin. These proteins are key in keeping your skin plump, smooth and blemish free.

Daily recommended intake

The average daily recommended intake of lysine is about 14 mg per pound of body weight. For example, If you weigh 150 pounds then 21,000 mg should suffice. For example, one boiled egg provides 250 mg of lysine and a 6 ounce chicken breast provides about 5,200 mg.

Signs of deficiency

Signs of deficiency include a significant loss in energy, mental fog, stunted growth, hair loss, anemia, and reproductive problems.

Sources of Lysine

Unfortunately, your body depends on your dietary intake of lysine since it doesn’t produce lysine on its own. Additionally, the proteinaceous foods high in lysine, like meat, fish & eggs, are usually consumed cooked. This can mean some loss of lysine content. The good news is that raw vegetables like avocados, beets, tomatoes, and bell peppers have a high lysine content. 

Also, if you’re vegetarian or simply love tofu, then eat up!